Zinedine Zidane May leave Real Madrid at the end of the season

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Fans of Real Madrid face heartbreak after the revealation of Real Madrid coach Zidane that he may leave the club at the end of the season. Zinedine Zidane May leave Real Madrid at the end of the season

Zidanesays, he no longer wants to coach Real Madrid after this season. The SABC reported that he’d announced last weekend’s draw which saw Real Madrid miss a chance to reach the top of the table. When asked if he would be leaving, Zidane did not make any promises and said that he’s not sure what will happen at the end of the season.

The club hasn’t had a great season this year, as they lost grip of the Champions League in the semi-finals and Doubts if they will lay hands on the league title.

In 2018 Zidane quit as the coach for Real Madrid after a successful season having won a third consecutive Champions League.

According to Talk Sport, Zidane planned to leave even if he won the 2020/2021 Champions league reason being, the Management is behind him 100%. The goal has also tweeted about Zidane leave see below…

However, some close pals claim the 48-year-old won’t know where his future lies until after the final Spanish League game against Villarreal on May 23. Zinedine Zidane May leave Real Madrid at the end of the season




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