Yung Time Shades Tenor In New Song “Valentine’s Day Rappers”

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Cameroonian self-proclaimed richest Buea Based rapper, Yung Time has released his most recent rap titled “Valentines Day Rappers”. Yung Time Shades Tenor In New Song “Valentine’s Day Rappers”

In the video released under OTANTIK Entertainment, Yung Time shaded some stakeholders in the 237 music industry including fellow artists whom to him, think he cannot succeed as a rapper without them. He didn’t clearly mention their names but judging from the things he said in the songs and the events leading up to the new song, we are strongly convinced he was particularly shading fellow rapper, Tenor.

“Wuside dem dey for check say dey fit stop me? When embouteillages be dropped, dey no bi first share,” Yung Time sings.

Young Times, Cameroonian Rapper

A month ago, Yung Time featured Tenor in one of his tracks, “embouteillages.” Shockingly, when the song was released, Tenor did not share. That of course didn’t make sense to Yung Time. Considering that he is an upcoming artist and Tenor on the other hand is an established artist, he had expected him to share the song, if not for the sake of promoting his brand, at least for the sake of promoting a song they both worked on; the song would have definitely performed better if it was shared by an established rapper like Tenor.

Tenor, Cameroonian Rapper

According to Yung Time though, that is not enough to stop him from striving to get to the apex of his career considering other challenges he has been through as an upcoming rapper. He says he has spent 2 million FCFA on a song that ended up not being released but that hasn’t stop him.

Young Times, Cameroonian Rapper

In addition, Young Time also consolidates his self-proclaimed position in Valentines Day rappers as the best among all rappers. In his own words, I make the world pause… like I be an corona… I’m the beginning and the end when it comes to this rap… other rappers dem slack.”

Young Times, Cameroonian Rapper

Watch Young Time’s full song here:

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