“You’re Not Coming To Cameroon For Love, You’re Coming For Your Money” Old Pancho Tells Naira Marley

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Nigerian Controversial Superstar, Naira Marley recently revealed that when he comes to Cameroon on February 14, he will feature most Cameroonian artists and teach them how to love. “You’re Not Coming To Cameroon For Love, You’re Coming For Your Money,” Old Pancho Tells Naira Marley.

However, Cameroonian Comedian Old Pancho AKA CY International doesn’t agree with him. In Old Pancho’s opinion, he is not coming to Cameroon because of love, rather he is just coming here because of the money, just like others have been doing. According to old Pancho, Naira Marley can not teach them love and he should not take advantage of Cameroonians’ unwillingness to support their own to insult them like his fellow countryman Davido and a TV Host had done in the past. Recall that a few years ago, Nigerian Superstar Singer, Davido said the only Cameroonian artist he knows is Stanley Enow and last year, a Nigerian TV Host asked Cameroonian Lagos-based Media personality and TV Host, Tabitarh Helen, if there is even an entertainment industry in Cameroon.

According to Old Pancho, if Naira Marley loves Cameroonians as he claims, he should express that love by playing Cameroonian songs in Nigeria, invite Cameroonian artistes to go perform in Nigeria and get paid, come to Cameroon and do shows for free and collaborate with Cameroonian artists on new songs for free. And if Naira Marley and his fellow Nigerian stars do these, he will not only believe him but will go on to crown him Mr. Love D’or. But if he cannot do that, then according to Old Pancho, Naira Marley should quietly come and collect his money from his “slaves” and go.

Naira Marley is expected in the City of Buea, Cameroon on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2021. Old Pancho has emphatically stated that Naira Marley is not needed in Cameroon and has been urging Cameroonians to boycott Marley’s show. He has over the last few weeks been leading a campaign on the ban of foreign music especially Nigerian music in Cameroon. According to Old Pancho, Nigerians don’t listen to Cameroonian music and they don’t invite Cameroonian artists to go and perform in their country. So Cameroonians should do the same and support their own.


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