“You’re A Fraud” Brenda Biya Drags Dencia On Social Media

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“You’re A Fraud” Brenda Biya Drags Dencia On Social Media

Cameroonian first daughter Brenda Biya has taken to her Snapchat account to drag Cameroonian singer and skincare expert, Dencia for verifying a fake Instag ram account instead of her account.

According to Brenda, the CEO of Whitenecious Dencia asked for her Instagram ID, promising to help her verify her account. She sent the ID and passport to her but However she never heard back from her, instead, a fake Brenda Biya account was verified.

“So you are trying to tell me.. this is a coincidence? Even if you were the only person I gave my passport to? And that less than a week after I gave you my passport, that account was verified? Brenda wonders.

According to Brenda Biya, she may be naive but she is not dumb, this is definitely Dencia’s work and she is a fraud. She says she trusted Dencia because she thought she was genuine but she was apparently trusting a wolf in sheep clothing.

Here are the screenshots:

Photo Credit: 237 Showbiz

“You’re A Fraud” Brenda Biya Drags Dencia On Social Media


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