Young Talented Rapper Ratty Miles is back again

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Young talented rapper Ratty Miles who’s real names are gotten as Nji Silas Shu hails from the northwest region of Cameroon,

His passion for music began in the year 2015 and in 2018 he independently released his first music track “No Work No Tchop“.

Ratty and his brothers DC Kingpin,Kia Man,OG Shakur,Ghost Murder and Harlly Shatter believed in a popular slogan which says ” Team Work makes the Dream work” so they decided to team up creating their own music crew known as the “The Official Gang” (DOG).

Since the beginning of this year 2020 no track has been released from the DOG crew but suddenly and surprisingly here comes the king Ratty Miles with a trap vibe titled “Unstoppable

-2verses From the Track-

Anodi care about the risk life nobi Bongo

If you thirsty you no go care a out the miles for go find Ndongo

Stream/Download Below👇



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