“You Don’t Have Level, We Can’t Be In The Same Discussion” Jovi Fires Back At Maahlox

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“You Don’t Have Level, We Can’t Be In The Same Discussion” Jovi Fires Back At Maahlox

The beef between Cameroonian rappers Jovi aka Mboko god and Maahlox is apparently far from ending as the two rappers have recently been exchanging blows on social media.

Jovi took to Facebook this Sunday to school Maahlox on the role he has played in the success of the latter’s career and how he is a way bigger artist than Maahlox. This was shortly after Maahlox said Jovi is just a studio rat who is so happy to stay locked in a cabin telling real life stories in his albums. “The real-life stories that we live outside while you fantasize. Know that your time has already passed to achieve anything in music and showbizz, be contented to just give your support to the little ones and young generation that you spend your time fighting or shut your mouth forever,” Maahlox added.


Jovi didn’t take this sitting down and took to social media to fire back at the “ça sort comme ça sort” crooner.

Jovi wrote:

′′ The pioneer chop too when the predecessors or the little ones give them the respect they deserve!
For you to be able to do zik in this country I had to make sacrifices. All the companies you mentioned are companies that through my music including MTV we give the KAMER a look! (Who actually gives us visibility)
You are not noble. You are not a KING! I can say you have Prince’s crown! You still did some beautiful ways.
But you don’t have level bro. That’s not what we can’t be in the same discussion. You don’t have level there. You can’t compare yourself to me. Stop witchcraft!
I hope you know that with me it’s for life.
I don’t make the reconciliations. I’m not interested in ways like this! Big Up to you for the rest! May the luck be with you!”
This all started when Jovi, while responding to a fan on twitter,  said he is the highest paid artist in Cameroon. He went on to Maahlox share a photo of Maahlox, Minks and Tenor, saying they (Maahlox in particular) are lowly paid, and their work is not valued enough, citing a night club where the three were invited to perform.
Though Jovi said he was just saying artists should be respected, Valued and given what they deserve, Maahlox thought that was direspectful and decided to clap back.

“You Don’t Have Level, We Can’t Be In The Same Discussion” Jovi Fires Back At Maahlox.


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