You are not a burden. Be yourself!

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Believe it or not, life can really get messy sometimes. It feels like the whole world is crumbling down your very own eyes and the mess is being rubbed in your face. This is demoralizing and can destroy your self-esteem. To the girl or guy who feels like they are a burden, I want to let you know that, you are not. You are just unfortunate to have people in your life who are determined to destroy your self confidence. You will need support to bring out the sense in every nonsense situation.

Show yourself compassion.

Why deprive yourself of happiness and dwell on negative energy simply because someone makes you feel unwanted. You have to get out of it and keep your inner peace intact. The people who make you feel that way are at the losing end because they are missing out on getting to know a wonderful person. Someone who truly cares, will share your problems rather than making you feel like a burden.

Meet new people and put in your best.

We seldom receive support from familiar people. Total strangers come in and make things work for us. If the heat is too much to bear, move away and make things happen. I bet you have never seen an ant who isn’t on the move. They are always busy, trying to make things happen. Encourage yourself and make things work for you.

Make yourself happy.

I guess we all have that one thing that makes us all very happy. It could be singing, listening to music, talking to a friend, or even cooking. When I feel so depressed and heartbroken, I go online and search how native foods in other countries are made or just something I have never tried before. I cook with the YouTube video and if the outcome is great, trust me that brings so much joy to my heart. Perceiving the sweet aroma of this dish makes me forget my worries like a bee who is lost in the pleasant nectar of a daisy flower.

Cry when you have to, be sad when you have to, but I assure you of one thing it is going to be fine.

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