Nigerian music superstar Wizkid has reportedly considered a career in football amid rumors of a four-year hiatus from music. The singer, who has achieved global fame with his Afrobeats sound, has hinted at a potential switch to the sporting world, sparking excitement among fans and football enthusiasts alike.

Wizkid’s football aspirations have emerged from a recent social media post where he mentioned contemplating a break from music and exploring other career avenues. While his initial suggestion of pursuing golf, FIFA, and wrestling drew humor from his followers, his mention of football struck a particular chord.

The Grammy-winning artist has always been an avid football fan, often expressing his admiration for players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. His passion for the sport has been evident in his social media interactions and occasional participation in friendly matches.

Wizkid’s football skills have not gone unnoticed. In a video circulating online, the singer is seen showcasing impressive ball control and juggling techniques, demonstrating his natural ability on the field. His display has further fueled the belief that he could potentially make a successful transition from music to football.

While Wizkid’s football aspirations are still in their early stages, his potential entry into the sport has generated a buzz of excitement. Fans are eager to see how the talented musician would fare in a professional football setting, and football clubs are reportedly keeping a close eye on his developments.

Whether Wizkid ultimately decides to pursue a full-time football career remains to be seen. However, his passion for the sport and his natural talent suggest that he could potentially make a significant impact on the world of football.


By Nkafu

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