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LUKONG Dieudonne AKA WITTY MINSTREL is a Cameroonian based multilingual ARTIST; Singer, Rapper, Song Writter/Movie Script Writer and Actor. Identified with and signed to PIRIP BOI RECORDS.

Born in Kumbo in the North West Region of Cameroon, he started his primary education in Government School Javnuy and later completed at C.S. Rohbui. After his primary education he proceeded to St. Sylvester catholic high school. He later left for his father’s school; Christ the King Colledge, Kumbo. Furthermore to seal the deal he got into the University Of Buea and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Sociology and. Anthropology.

Growing up, WITTY MINSTREL has always had interest in music. In the early 2000s he started putting his passion into action and recorded his first song while in St Sylvester’s college, titled ‘No to corruption’. His unending passion for music guided him into the music studios in Buea. He used the opportunity to refine his sound engineering talent into a skill while at Chillen Music Entertainement. As a Sound engineer specialized in movies he has worked with, Believe Entertainment, Chamberline Entertainement, Oremo Production,Syndy Emade’s Blue Rain Entainment and many others.

He officially began his music career with Chillen Music in 2005 and released his first album of 18 songs titled ‘Faith To Follow’ this was followed by over 50 songs recorded, 3music videos inclusive. Featured among these songs were collaborations with some great artists.

Things were easy for him living his dreams and passion until when he lost his dad. He got into serious financial crisis and decided to venture into other activities to sustain his music career. His struggles inspired him into recording something unique; a song titled ‘chillen music tobo’. An excited pidgin invention co-written by Tebo Njei. The reaction he got from his entourage build up his self confidence and inspired him into specializing in pidgin rap, something new and original to the industry at that time. Due to lack of finance to push it, the pidgin rap project slipped away from his hands. With so much pidgin ideas and inspiration, he recorded over 16 songs amongst which was a track he released titled, ‘I dey na for molyko’ one of the first hip pop hits in Buea.

He concentrated more on his new hustle acting and sound engineering while producing songs; with 3shot films to show for it.

Since he was overtaken in the pidgin invention he decided to invent something new again the popular ‘njang’ vibe. His unique creation which he calls ‘NJANG HIP-POP’. His first release of the ‘njang’ hip pop genre called ‘Be Proud’ produced by Coverpot Music dropped on his birthday, February29th.

Apart from his passion in music, Witty is naturally funny (witty) and loves football.

You can catch Witty Minstrel on social media as…

Facebook @Witty minstrel art

Instagram @Witty minstrel

Twitter @Witty minstrel2

YouTube Witty Minstrel PIRIP BOI RECORDS.


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