Will “Kameni” be up to the task when the crowd starts demanding?

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Hello readers, today we chatting about someone who needs no introduction as she made wave on all media platforms in 237 with her incredible mash-ups and got signed by Mr. Leo‘s Lionn Productions.

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Kameni is a lady of talent and substance no doubt the way she does her mash-ups are just amazing her ability to merge Nigerian, Cameroonian and even Ghanian tracks is a God given ability.

Now that she has started making a name for herself it is just a matter of time before fans and listeners start asking for her own music, remember same thing happened to Koc when he was at same stage while he was still doing his covers but Koc took a stand and later started delivering his own tracks which the crowd loved and today is unstoppable.

Doing mash-ups is one thing and making your own music is another, considering Kameni has a good voice and the crowd loves her are already some points the singer has gained, but lets hope she is going to be good at song writing as she is good at singing so she can keep up with her current status and even move on to higher heights.

Click Here to listen to Pain Killer cover by Kameni.

Pls drop your thoughts in the comment section below…


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