Why we bought the satan shoes, fans of Lil Nas shoes speaks

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US Rapper Lil Nas who is a supposed satan worshiper launched “satan shoes” which contain two drops of blood and was sold one minute after it was released.

The $1,018(£741) trainers had been filed by Nike for a trademark infringement lawsuit against MSCHF product studio, the seller of footwear.

The black and red trainers which have “Luke 10:18 printed on them as biblical reference Satan fell from heaven, as part of the settlement lawsuit, will be refunded by MSCHF to remove them from circulation.

Refunds will be offered by MSCHF to those who bought the satan shoes since it is the replica of Nike Air Max 97 launched in 2019.

People who bought these rapper ‘satan shoes’ have given their reasons why they went for the bloody shoes.

Mckenzi Norris one of the buyers says, “I bought these shoes because I knew to resale the shoes the value will be very high due to its popularity and controversy that surrounds the shoes. It is a little bit wired but I am a fan of mischief”

Another buyer Joseph Rasch said he is a member of the LGBTQ community that is One reason he bought the shoes

“I am an Atheist and member of LGBTQ community, because of these two reasons alone decided to support the black guy who wants to change the majority narrative of the Christian countries.


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