Why most Artists fail to have a successful music career.

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Lack of Strategy.

Strategy is a very important factor in the music business. Most unsuccesful artists have no strategy or plan, they just do stuff and most of the steps they take during their careers are not well thought-out and leads to failure.

They seem to forget that there is more to music than the music itself.

Risk taking.

Every business person or entertainer has to take risks at some point in his business or career, it is inevitable. Most upcoming artists do not make it to where they want to in their careers because they fear risk taking, the fear of going broke.

They never take real actions into building their career which prevents them from making smart choices.

The Blame Game.

You will find 99% of unsuccesful artists complaining about how nobody has aided them. A point most new artists should note is “nobody owes you anything” and with this depency mindset your career is as good as dead.

Most artists who blame others for their failure are just trying to cover up for their short comings.

Lack of a success mindset.

Most people do music because of what they see on T.V or on the Internet (They belaive their first track must be a hit) and not for the love of the art, this leaves them with a low success mindset especially after they have released 2 to 3 unsuccessful tracks.

With the wrong mindset its impossible to make it to the top. Let the love for music motivate you.

Label Dependency.
Some artists spend their time trying to push their music & themselves onto music companies (record labels, management, promoters, publishers, etc.) without first finding out exactly what things these companies really want, then become, do or have those things and finally develop a specific strategy to deliver them.

Those are the few points we could gather for now guys, you should know the music business does not have a friendly atmosphere at all, it deals only with hard workers. The moment you decide to sleep you get dropped.

Thanks for reading through!

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