Marriage is a beautiful union by God and not everyone has it easy. Some marry men with already existing kids, failed marriages and so many other baggage’s we can’t emphasize here for the sake of time. The truth is we are all deserving of love if that’s what our hearts yearn for.

On that note, not every one will marry a virgin, whole, have it done the “right way” (Court, traditional, white) etc. There is also no guarantee that just because it’s “right “ automatically makes it void of storms and challenges.

What matters is when we say we want to spend the rest of our lives with someone do we mean it? If yes are we ready to do it the way it’s expected of us by God in holy matrimony?

A lot of people Bashing this lady whereas the real person who really needs help is 2 Face Idibia. True love is redemptive. The problem with this kind of love is not the giver of love but the receiver.

On the wedding day, when we state our vows sometimes we don’t really ever truly sit to put in thoughts to the weight of words we express and confess.

For better for worse,

In sickness and in health,

Till death do us part,

I take thee as my lovely wedded partner.

Are these words empty words of tradition or they are genuine promises of commitment? There is something called AGAPE love and if no one ever told you that is what marriage is.

I am one of those who have been so concerned about Annie’s mental health and all the seemingly toxic nature around their relationship and then I saw something which I think we ignore but it’s a great part of our daily lives.

The word Love as it is, has a rare and unique quality which is being redemptive. Redemptive love is unrelenting. It is possible to love a human being to the edge that it looks like stupidity to the eyes of men.

Redemptive love is the love that seeks to return something to its natural state of wholeness. Simply put for those who don’t understand what redemptive love means.

When we are redemptive to an abusive spouse, the problem is the spouse not you. We can’t change people only God can. Reason why it’s always counseled to put in a lot of prayers, discernment, critical thinking when choosing a spouse. Or we may spend the rest of our lives enduring in hopes for them to become better.

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