Wax Dey Blast for Sharing pics handing Gifts to the Needy

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Nde Ndifonka popularly known as Wax dey stir up the media, after sharing pictures of him distributing gifts to one of the orphanages in Kmer.

Cameroon Ciment company CIMENCAM, 613 Dever club partner with the versatile singer to share foodstuff and gifts to Orphans after attending church service with the kids.

The philanthropic gesture by King Wax went sour when the singer took to his official Facebook page to tell his fans his location, mission and where he fellowship.

Many fans, could not decode wax dey message as they rebuke him for taking pictures while the pastor was preaching, that is a form of distraction. Others bashed him for showing off giving to the needy. see the post and some reactions below…

After the backlash by some fans who could not assimilate wax dey’s philanthropism beyond show-off, the Magafuli crooner retaliated with another post telling some of his disturbing fans not to look if his charitable is not good in their eyes see what he wrote below…

Thanks to 613 Denver soccer club for these magical moments with these beautiful kids. and to Cimencam for supporting our visit. ❤

Those people who are always asking what we are doing for the community are complaining that we should not give and show, so please let them not look.

That said, if u work for social services , pls beg your minister that he should do more to improve the quality and living conditions of orphanages, especially where the ministry places children. They lead, we follow.”


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