Recently, Cameroonian Actress, MC and Social media personality, Vicky Fokala was Guest on a TV program on Dash Media, hosted by Darling Lyonga.

Darling Lyonga

During the interview, she was asked by the host to share her thoughts on a statement Cameroonian Movie maker, Musing Derick had made, saying Comedian and 80-20 Promoter, “CY Old Pancho will made Nigerians to stop collaborating with Caneroonians, with the way he is going with his campaign.”

Vicky Fokala

In response, Vicky said all what Old Pancho has been saying are facts and the people criticizing him are the ones who have a problem.

“He says you are bringing Nigerians to CAMIFF and you are putting them at the forefront and they are coming and they are not dressing well, where is the lie,” Vicky asked, making references to the CEO of the Camerooon International Film Festival (CAMIFF) and Movie Maker, Agbor Gibert Ebot.

Agbor Gilbert Ebot

In another interview with Melo Gist, while responding to Vicky, Agbor Gilbert said if it’s coming from Vicky, then he is not surprise because she has an opinion about everything. “She knows everything and knows nothing.”

“She is a Pastor, Makeup Artist, Singer, Managing a Nigerian Cinema in Douala, she has tried acting, singing…. she is everywhere… whatever she says has no value and she is like CY.”

Agbor Gilbert went on to revealed that Vicky has been sacked as the Manger of GENESIS CINEMA, a Nigerian Cinema house was made Manager months ago.

He goes further to question why Vicky is only coming out to promote 80/20 when she is has been fired as the Manager of the Nigerian Cinema.

“When she was managing Genesis, how many Cameroonian films did she schedule? Why is she only talking about 80/20 when she has been fired…. when it’s benefiting you, you see nothing wrong with it… double standards.”

As for Darling Lyonga who interviewed Vicky, Agbor Gilbert says her best bet would be to galvanise the Media house she works for to start buying Cameroonian movies, other than that, she has nothing to offer but noise.

“With her funny accent, she is just another noise maker, why is she not speaking like a Cameroonian, was she born in America? Has she ever travelled to America?”

CY Old Pancho

By Nkafu

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