US presidency kills fear after Joe Biden fell onboarding an Air force one plane

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A tragic fate has hit the president of the USA after he fell onboarding an Air force one plane. This has caused a stir around the world who fear the new president’s health. Watch the video below… US presidency kills fear after Joe Biden fell onboarding an Air force one plane



President Biden’s multiple as he tried to climb the stairs of Airforce One on a flight to Atlanta Georgia on Friday, March 19, got the attention of the presidency. Nigeria has taken to the media to mock the president to be sick just like Buhari who has managed to deceive the Nigerians.

Lauretta Onochie, President Muhammadu Buhari’s special assistant on social media, on her Twitter page said this is not a big deal since it can happen to anyone. She said this to kill fears of Joe sick and the president of Nigeria in the same fate.

Back in the US, the Americans think their president’s health falls, alligations have sufficed of Biden fell into depression when he lost his family in a tragic incident. This may have followed him to the White house. The presidency disclaim these rumors by saying

“it can happen to anyone”


Biden was boarding the aircraft at Joint Base Andrews just before noon for a flight to Atlanta when he stumbled. A video showed the 78-year old president gripping onto the railing to steady himself as he lost his footing three times.

It was not immediately clear what tripped Biden, but shortly after recovering, he dusted himself gave a salute at the top of the stairs before departing to meet with Asian American community leaders in the wake of the massage parlor massacre in Atlanta, Georgia. Biden’s fall sparked a debate on social media as to whether the president is physically or mentally fit to serve in the office.

Nevertheless, the US deputy press secretary, Karin Jean-Pierre told the pressmen the president is fine.


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