A level 400 student of the University of Buea whose name have gotten as Leki, has taken her own life, after consuming a local poison called “mocap” allegedly because of a breakup.

According to close sources, 21 year old Leki was in a relationship with a digital worker in Buea. Images and videos of the two have gone viral, showing them displaying deep affection for each other, when it was all rosy.

It is alleged that Leki’s then boyfriend all of a sudden brought a different girl home and sent Leki away. She immediately went to her friends about the breakup. All her friends could do was laugh over it because they thought she would get over him in no time and move on.

Well, they thought wrong as not long after that, they returned from school, only to meet a helpless Leki who had allegedly drank the local poison “mocap.” She was taken to the hospital but it was too late.
Leki’s ex-boyfiend has however, in an audio, said he is not responsible for Leki’s death. According to him, he and Leki both agreed to break up and he doesn’t know why people are accusing him for the girl’s death.

A screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation between Leki and her friend in February has also been shared on social. In the conversation, Leki told her friend to help her find a man who will take care of her; nothing serious.

Apparently, Leki was living with her ex when they were still together and he was the one taken care of her. After the breakup, Leki moved on but Leki was not over him yet. So she decided to end it all.


By Nkafu

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