Tzy Panchak Opens Up On The Origin Of His Beef With Jovi

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Blue Nation Boss, Tzy Panchak was recently invited to the pidgin talk show Beta Torpoh and he made some revelations on the origin of his beef with New Bell Music boss, Jovi. Tzy Panchak Opens Up On The Origin Of His Beef With Jovi.

The show host, Clarisse Ndingue first asked to know why Tzy Panchak got involved when Jovi attacked Stanley Enow after the release of his song “My Way” in which he featured Tzy Panchak and Locko. According to Tzy, it was not an attack on Stanley, it was an attack on the song and he felt disrespected because he was involved in the song and so too was Locko.

The beef between the two stars started when Jovi slammed Stanley Enow‘s hit song, ‘My Way’ on Twitter, claiming the song wasn’t a hit and that Locko was the best singer among the three artists who featured in the song.

So, when Jovi referred to the song as wack, he did not only disrespect Stanley but Tzy and Locko as well. So all he said was “do yours and let’s see” and Jovi came at him.

According to Tzy, Jovi started to insult and throw shades at him but when he decided to retaliate, Jovi couldn’t take the hit. Tzy added that he is not a coward, he respects everyone but he is not afraid of anyone. His feud with Jovi was nothing personal, he just needed to make him understand that it is wrong to try to downplay the efforts of others. According to Tzy Panchak, that is the major problem we have in the entertainment industry; people keep blaming the government but the problem is not the government but us the individuals. That is showing no support or at least some respect for others’ projects. Rather people are very quick to judge and insult the works of others when they find the slightest opportunity to do so.


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