Tzy Panchak, Blanche Baily And Prince Enobi Engaged In A Social Media Battle Over Music Shows In Cameroon

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One of Cameroon’s most interesting Entertainment talk shows, Freaky Table has returned for a second season and it appears the table just got freakier. In the first episode of the show this season, the hosts Joan Ngomba, Kwoh Elonge, and Yana Max invited Phillbill and popular artiste Manager and Ceo of Cliq Empire, Prince Mykel Enobi who is organizing the upcoming Naira Marley Concert in Cameroon. Tzy Panchak, Blanche Baily, And Prince Enobi Engaged In A Social Media Battle Over Music Shows In Cameroon

Recall that Nigerian Controversial Superstar, Naira Marley will be performing in Cameroon on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2021, in Buea.

Freaky Table

Joan was curious to find out why Enobi is bringing Naira Marley to Cameroon at a time when there has been a whole campaign on the ban of foreign music in Cameroon as well as foreign artists especially Nigerian artists from performing in Cameroon.

In response, Enobi said he is challenging any Cameroonian artist to come forward and let them do a show together. If they don’t get at least a 10% return on investment, then the artist will return twice the amount of whatever he spent to him. If they however make returns from the show, then he will never listen to foreign music and invest exclusively in Cameroonian music.

That apparently didn’t sit well with most showbiz lovers and artists themselves in Cameroon. Was he indirectly saying organizers don’t make money from shows when Cameroonian artists are invited to perform? In response to Enobi, Singer Blanche Bailly who found his comments quite provocative also challenged him to give her 50% of the returns if the show turns out successful.

Singer Blanche Baily

Another artist who perhaps found Enobi’s comments even more provocative is prolific singer Tzy Panchak, who went on to school Enobi on the history of music shows in Cameroon, particularly the ones he has organized and how successful or unsuccessful they have been.


He reminded Enobi that his most successful show was when he brought in home-based talents, X-Maleya, and in 2016, he brought in Nigerian superstar Davido but he couldn’t even get 200 persons to come for the show. According to Tzy, that is enough lesson for Enobi to start believing in home talents and besides, no Cameroonian artist questioned him about Naira Marley coming to Cameroon. So why challenge them?

In one of his most recent posts, Prince Enobi has said his intention was not to belittle any Cameroonian artiste as he has in fact worked with virtually all of them and contributed positively to their careers. He said he spoke not just as an event planner who has been in the field for 10 years but also as a businessman. He admitted that his show with Davido failed in 2016 but he didn’t go about calling for a ban on foreign music because Cameroonians didn’t show up.

Naira Marley is expected in Cameroon in a few weeks. His visit comes at a time when there is a trending debate on whether foreign music should be completely banned in Cameroon or not. Some Cameroonian showbiz lovers who have been championing a ban on foreign music have sworn they will do everything to stop the concert from holding. Organizers of the concert have however told fans to stay calm and wait to see Naira Marley on Valentine’s day.


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