TRENDING: THE “JOWO CROONER” A.K.A DAVIDO. “How I spend my weekends #Daddy duties” .

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Family hang out with Davido, Bred his cousin with their kids Ifeanyi and Jordan in his father’s palatial mansion.

The Nigerian music superstar Davido gave a peek to his fans on how he spends his weekend with posts shared on his insta story.

He was actually in his father’s palatial mansion. However, the singer made sure he didn’t go alone.

He was spotted with IFY “Ifeanyi” his daughter with Chioma and Jordan, his cousin Bred’s son.

Big boiii…. Jordan….Dada is in Atlanta….😌. Proud Dad.

The father of three kids has proven time and again that he enjoys the company of kids whether he is their father or not.

Davido playing the drum to the amusement of the kids.

He posted a video where he played the drum to entertain the kids and IFY could be spotted dancing and making sounds to the rhythm of the drum.

These videos reveal that no matter the chaotic incidents that have happened between him and Chioma lately on social media, the proud Dad of three still knows how to keep his family together.

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