Top 5 trending Ankara Hats 2021.

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Hello fashion readers, Thank you❤️ for logging into our website once more. As you know this is our first fashion article and we are obviously going to be sending you much more trending article topics from now on.

Just in case you have no clue what Ankara is all about, here’s a little history; Ankara was originally manufactured by the Dutch for the Indonesian textile market, however, the prints gained significantly more interest in West African countries because of the tribal-like patterns.

But as of today, we will be sharing with you the top 5 trending Ankara Hats of 2021 with a bonus of some celebrities who have worn them.

#1 Large brim hats

This hat comes in all colors and sizes and also has an indefinite design. You just have to find that which works best for you.

If you are looking forward to bringing out the chick effect to your casual outfit we will highly recommend the large brim hat.

An extract of a large brim bringing out the chick effect of a casual outfit

#2 The Fascinator

This type of hat comes in various sizes, shapes, and designs.

Female sensation Beyonce has been photographed beside her husband Jay-z wearing the African print fascinator.

Top 5 trending Ankara Hats 2021.
Beyonce putting on an African print fascinator.

If you looking forward to revealing that bold and fierce look for your outfit, then this is what will work best

Top 5 trending Ankara Hats 2021.
An extract of the fascinator giving that bold fiercely look for your outfit

This hat is mostly worn for weddings, cocktail parties, summer soirees, and formal events.

#3 Bonnets

Also existing in different designs from simple bonnets to those with a headscarf not also forgetting those with bow ties.

It is the most popularly used due to its comfort.

Most female artists from black Americans to Africans have understood the importance of the black culture and are surely getting back to our roots.

Top 5 trending Ankara Hats 2021.

If you are looking forward to adding some creativity to your look while staying simple then this is for you.

Top 5 trending Ankara Hats 2021.
Group of lovely ladies with different astonishing bonnet designs

Artists such as Rihanna, Cardi B, are into the Ankara vogue too now.

#4 Berets

In terms of fashion and culture, Berets saw an explosion in women’s fashion in the middle of the 20th century in the U.S and Britain.

This soft, round, flat-crowned hat is now renovated with different African wax prints and I can assure you it is not going anywhere this 2021. Matter of fact it is even more of a trend now than it has ever been.

Top 5 trending Ankara Hats 2021.
Ankara beret

If you looking forward to a chick and classy look, then this is for you

#5 Dashiki Kufi hat

These traditional and religious skull caps for Muslims have been adapted into the fashion world this 21st century especially those with the Ankara print on them.

Top 5 trending Ankara Hats 2021.
Different designs of Kufi African print hats

Female celebrities are now diving into the male-feminine look with this design of hats. Mostly worn with nouvou and agbada.

Top 5 trending Ankara Hats 2021.
Coco Argente and Ko-c rocking their Kufi hat in ‘calecon’

This hat is mostly suitable for couple outfits #lovers, who want to express their emotions through the art of fashion.

Well, hope you enjoyed reading through and also that you were inspired and edified and now feel more comfortable on what choices to make to resonate with the personality you want to portray.


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