Top 10 Trending Stories on Social Media in Cameroon Last Week (First Week of January 2022)

What was trending on the Cameroon social media space last week? Here is what kept social media buzzing in the first week of January 2022.

10. Fally Ipupa is invited to perform at the 2021 TotalEnergies AFCON. Some Cameroonians were apparently not happy with the fact that Fally was the only African artist who performed at the ceremony. They would have loved for the world to discover Cameroonian Artists and their music too.

9. Three contestants of the 2022 Miss Cameroon contest resign just a few days before the finale.

8. Upcoming artist Fresh Guy declares himself the new Fhish just a day after Cameroonian late singer Fhish is buried.

7. Cameroonian actress and former Miss South Julia Samantha Edima is crowned Miss Cameroon 2022

6. Food poisoning in Cameroon

Several stories are reported of bush fallers getting poisoned in Cameroon during the festive period especially a young lady who died just days after her wedding after being allegedly poisoned.

5. The 3D Virtual Lion animation that stole the show at the 2021 #TotalEnergiesAFCON2021 opening ceremony at the Olembe stadium.

4. A Statute of a Lion placed infront of the Olembe stadium goes viral and gets critized by many Cameroonians. According to them, it look like a Caricature and less befitting of an Indomitable lion. The statute was replaced by something more befitting but then what was even more interesting was the several statutes of Lions that were spotted in different parts of the country ahead of the AFCON.

3. Cameroonian late singer Mbonjem Lesly Aponglen AKA Fhish is buried in his native Awing North West region of Cameroon.

2. The new mobile money tax which goes operational on January 1, 2022, gets everyone on the Cameroonian social media space talking

1. The Total Energies AFCON 2021 officially kicks off in Cameroon with an incredible opening ceremony described by many as the best ever in Africa. And Cameroon goes on to win the first match of the competition as they beat Burkina Faso 2 – 1.

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