Top 10 Trending Stories on Social Media in Cameroon In January 2022

Here is what kept social media buzzing in January 2022

10. Stanley Enow Vs Jovi

Stanley Enow names his longtime rival #Jovi alongside Maahlox, MiNk’s, Tenor and Ko-C as the best rappers in Cameroon. This was after a foreign promoter named Stanley as the best rapper in Cameroon. Stanley’s post as expected raised a lot of dust on social media and Jovi even untagged himself from Stanley’s post.

Stanley Enow, Cameroonian Artist

9. A new school of singers – The Pride Duo (Ego Pride and Yxng Prido) was discovered

They amazed Cameroonians with their astonishing Freestyles and got some of Cameroonian top music stars, video directors and music producers interested in them including Dr. Nkeng Stephens, Phillbill, Mccoy Twap, Daphne and Mimie.

8. Francis N’gannou defends his UFC Heavyweight Champion and won again

He makes Cameroon proud again as he retains his UFC world heavyweight title after beating Ciryl Gane. The victory was followed by celebrations on all social media platforms and in different cities and villages across Cameroon.

7. Poisoning in Cameroon

Poisoning was a major trend in January as several incidents of friends poisoning their close friends were reported this January.  Stories were also reported of bush fallers getting poisoned in Cameroon during the festive period especially a young lady who died just days after her wedding after being allegedly poisoned.

6. The Olembe Stampede

A stampede happened in front of the Olembe stadium in Yaounde on January 24th when Cameroon played a round of 16 match against Comoros. It led to the death of 8 persons and 38 others were injured.

5. Vincent Aboubakar (Abou bae)

Indomitable Lions Captain Vincent Aboubakar became one of the most talked-about personalities in Cameroon this January as fans in general just couldn’t get over his brilliant performances during Cameroon’s group stage and knockout matches at AFCON 2021. He became known as the Dark Invader, thanks to CRTV Sports Commentator Bennen Buma Gana. Others have called him #AbouBae, #AbouChouChou, #AbouMyLove and he is so far the highest goal scorer of the AFCON 2021 with 6 goals.

4. The Cameroon vs Cote d’Ivoire rift

Fans of two sisterly football nations Cameroon and Cote d’Ivoire fall out temporarily as a result of what many have termed “betrayal.” Cameroon supported Cote d’Ivoire throughout the group stages of AFCON 2021. However, when Cameroon played their round of 16 match against The Comoros, Ivorians failed to reciprocate this love and support. Instead, they accused Cameroon of cheating and insulted their top celebrities. This was considered by Cameroonians as an act of betrayal from their Ivorian brothers and they even referred to them as Judas. Cameroon went on to support Egypt in their next encounter against Cote d’Ivoire as a means of paying back Ivorians in their own coin.

3. Late Cameroonian Singer Fhish

Cameroonian late singer Mbonjem Lesley Aponglen AKA Fhish was buried in his native Awing North West region of Cameroon in early January. Several tribute songs were released to honor his memory, upcoming artist FreshGuy declared himself the new Fhish, Fhish’s best friend tattooed the late singer’s image on his hand and Fhish’s ghost was allegedly seen in Awing singing and asking for his songs to be released. This last story was however later debunked by Fhish’s family as fake.


2. Mobile Money Tax

The new mobile money tax went operational on January 1, 2022. The 0.2% additional tax on mobile money transactions got everyone on the Cameroonian social media space talking.

1.Cameroon hosts the AFCON

The Total Energies AFCON 2021 officially kicked off in Cameroon with an incredible opening ceremony described by many as the best ever in Africa. The 3D lion at the opening ceremony, the outstanding pitches, the beautiful performances of the Indomitable lions, the hospitality of Cameroonians, the early exit of some of the favorites and the amazing performances of some debutants are some of the topics that have kept everyone in Cameroon, Africa and beyond talking since the start of the competition.

Top 10 Trending Stories on Social Media in Cameroon In January 2022

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