In June 2023, the music industry in Cameroon was busy with several artistes dropping some incredible hits. Here are top 10 songs released in June 2023.

1. Blanche Bailly – Dieu Donné
In Dieu Donné, Blanche Bailly thanks God for all he has given her and reiterates that it is only God who has taken her this far and made her a Super star. Video directed by Adah Akenji

Link to Youtube Video:

2. Charlotte Dipanda – On s’en fout
Marriage is definitely not stopping Charlotte Dipanda from excelling in her craft as she recently dropped “On s’en fout” which is almost hitting one million views on YouTube, in just 6 days, after its release. Video directed by Roddy Real.

Link to video:

3. Libianca – Jah
The BET award winning star released “Jah” in June, following the enormous success of her hit single “People.” Song produced by TSB & 10.

4. Chilli Wawaye ft Mr. Leo – Taàtá Yiì
An iconic and versatile folklore singer, Chilli Wawaye, featuring Mr. Leo. The track has got fans who love a blend of cultural and urban music vibing to it in Cameroon and beyond. Video directed by Dr. Nkeng Stephens.

5. Tenor – Conseil Gratuit
Conseil by Le fian le way le yamo, Tenor, is directed by Cris Mila.

Here is the link to youtube video:

6. Magasco – Ton by Ton
There is definitely a turn for every and a turn for everything and Magasco reechoes that very strongly in this track. Video directed by the incredible Dr. Nkeng Stephens.

7. Lydol ft Rinyu – Validé
Lydol teams up with her look-alike, Rinyu, to deliver the enthralling piece, directed by the ace Mr. Adrenaline.
Link to Youtube video:

8. Witty Minstrel – Family
Witty Minstrel is definitely one person who never disappoints when it comes to delivering epic cultural masterpieces. This one is directed by the prolific Dr. Nkeng Stephens.
Link to youtube video:

9. Stanley Enow ft Benito and Nyanda – Parapariparo Remix
Rapper Stanley Enow took his “Parapariparo” song to a whole new level by inviting Jamaican singer, Nyanda and Beniton, for a remix.
Video to Youtube link:

10. Reniss ft Jovi – Time No Dey
Reniss has just released an enthralling track, featuring mboko god Jovi. The song which has een released on the last day of June is now available on all streaming platforms.
YouTube link:


By Nkafu

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