Top 10 songs released in Cameroon in April 2023

1. Tzy Panchak – Self Made ft J Kree, Cloe Grae, Vivid Smith, Phido and Vancy
Arguably, the biggest release in April 2023; Tzy Panchak brought together some of the best talents in the 237 music scene: Kree, Cloe Grae, Vivid Smith, Phido and Vancy. His use of the Belaire brand got the attention of the brand promoter, Rick Ross who has put 10k dollars in the project and promised Tzy a collabo.
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2. Mr. Leo – Ayele
“Ayele” in Lamnso means “Good morning” in English. The song relates the different challenges faced by society and is produced by Slym Harley.
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3. Asaba – Charger ft Mr. Leo
Two former lovers and parents of one, Asaba and Mr. Leo teamed up to released this love masterpiece, that resonates the importance of standing there for each other, co-parenting and more. The video of the song also features their daughter Joy as video vixen.
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4. B. Nidal ft Tenor – Signer Sans Lire
Have you ever signed anything without reading? How does it feel? You may want to find out by listening to this piece by B. Nidal ft. Tenor. Miss Cameroon 2022, Julia Samantha Edimo features in the song as video vixen.
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5. Kameni – Mr. Ayele
In the song, Kameni sends her sincere apologies to her former record label boss, Mr. Leo.
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6. Aveiro Djess – Oh Peda
After a hiatus from the scene, Aveiro Djess makes his comeback with “Oh Peda.” The video is directed by Baba Moumouni and features Comedian Moustik le Karismastik.
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7. Vernyuy Tina – Bena ft Tination
The Afronjang Queen releases her latest track; a song she sang in 6 languages (Cameroonian and foreign): Lamnso, English, Lingala, Kikongo, Swhahili, and Yoruba.

8. Blaise B – Mama
Momma’s love is indescribable and that’s why Blaise B makes his come back to music after a short hiatus with a song entitled “mama” to celebrate his mother and other mothers out there.
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9. Shanzy Atalaku ft Mic Monsta
This street Jam featuring Legendary Rapper, Mic Monsta is a track off Shanzy’s recently released EP “My Story My Song” and talks about fake friends and competition.
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10. El Smitho – Mov Mountain ft Tzy Panchak
In “Move Mountain”, US based singer, El Smitho says a relationship filled with love, understanding and communication is capable of moving mountains. The song features A List singer, Tzy Panchak.
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Is there any song you feel deserves to be on the list and is missing or a song you feel doesn’t deserve a spot on this list? Kindly tell us in the comment section.


By Nkafu

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