Hello readers welcome to our first ever Top 10 on Kampii Productions,we decided to put together the 10 cameroonian artists with the highest amount of followers.

True, this can’t for sure determine thier true level of fame but at a certain extent it determines thier amount of fans.

10- Reniss.

Record label: Newbell Music.

Tracks: Dans la sauce,DouDou, Night Life e.t.c

Followers: Facebook- 89,745 followers.

I.G- 137,000 followers.

Total : 226,745 Followers.

9- X Maleya.

Record label: XM Music.

Tracks: Mon Marriage, Fianga, Je t’aime e.t.c

Followers: Facebook- 165,760.

I.G- 77,000.

Total : 242,760 Followers.

8- Stanley Enow.

Record label: Motherland Empire.

Tracks: Caramel, Hein Pere, Elle est la e.t.c

Followers: Facebook- 121,746.

I.G- 137,000.

Total : 258,746 Followers.

7- Tenor.

Record label: Universal music.

Tracks: Bad things, Do le dab e.t.c

Followers: Facebook- 117,937.

I.G- 198,000.

Total: 315,937 Followers.

6- Mr. Leo.

Record label: Alpha Better Records.

Tracks: Jamais jamais, E go beta, Partout.

Followers: Facebook- 182,902.

I.G- 134,000.

Total: 316,902 Followers.

5- Locko.

Record label: Yema

Tracks: Boo Boo, Sawa Romance, Margo.

Followers: Facebook- 144,442.

I.G- 201,000.

Total: 345,442 Followers.

4- Daphne.

Record label: Steven’s Music Entertainment.

Tracks: Calée, Promets moi, jusqu’à la gare e.t.c

Followers: Facebook- 159,956.

I.G- 200,000.

Total: 359,956 Followers.

3- Dynastie.

Record label: Hope Music Group.

Tracks: Akut Meyok, Joue-moi le Mendjang, Dingue de toi e.t.c

Followers: Facebook- 302,074.

I.G- 59,100.

Total: 361,174 Followers.

2- Numerica.

Record label: Arise Entertainment.

Tracks: Valide, C’est toi, Kossa moi ça e.t.c

Followers: Facebook- 230,030.

I.G- 181,000.

Total: 411,030 Followers.

1- Lady Ponce.

Record label: JPS, Lady Ponce.

Tracks: Ella, Secouer Secouer, Trop tard e.t.c

Followers: Facebook- 420,000.


Total: 420,000 Followers.

Disclaimer: The following statistics for top ten famous are based on Instagram and Facebook followers.


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