Top 10 Cameroonian Brands (clothing) you should rock.

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Top 10 Cameroonian Brands (clothing) you should rock.

Hello guys! Welcome once more to our website. Today we are going to look into clothes Brands specifically in Cameroon.


A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.

Brands are used in business, marketing, and advertising for recognition and most importantly to create and store value as brand equity for the object identified to the benefit of the Brand’s customer, its owner and shareholders.


Below is a list of 10 Brands (clothing) you should incorporate in your style and rock it as a true daughter/son of the soil✊🏻.

10. Russel N

Russel N stylist.

The brand Russel N is known for its passion and its very chic, original, and extreme creative perception of fashion.

Actually based in Belgium, he has opened a few shops here in Cameroon.

He did the very first edition of Miss Cameroon- Belgium in the year 2014 and has also dressed celebrities such as Lady Ponce.

His style is a mixture of modern fashion and traditional African style all still maintaining the codes of elegance.

He deals with ready to wear clothes for both men and women.

He also deals with articles such as watches, sun shades, shoes, perfume, and jewelry.

For more information and a better view of his articles visit his FB page or shop online at

Some creation from Russel N.

9. Kreyann

Anna Ngann Yonn founder of Kreyann.

The brand Kreyann was founded by Anna Ngann Yonn and was established in the year 2001 in Douala. That very year she also opened her first shop and that is how from mouth to ear she boosted her career.

Her style is based on a mix of different cultures all around the world where the shapes are simple, and the colors and inventories blend in perfectly together.

Kreyann collection.

8. LavieByCK

Claude Kameni Cameroon fashion designer and founder of the brand LavieByCK.

Claude Kameni is the genie behind the brand LavieByCK. She is a stylist and is based in Washington, USA. In 2016 she launched her website and her first collection.

Claude Kameni uses loincloth fabric from Cameroon to create beautiful and creative designs that she sells all over the world.

She has dressed artists such as Janet Jackson, Kelly Rowland… and others

Janet Jackson putting on one of the LavieByCK creations.

7. Kibonen NY

Kibonen Nfi.

Kibonen Nfi originates from the North West but is based in the USA. She launched her brand Kibonen NY in 2011.

Her favorite piece of loincloth fabric is the ” Toghu” which comes from the North West Region of Cameroon.

Kibonen Nfi showing off her collection on a runway.

6. Clap Style

Dorice Njamen founder of Clapstyle.

Dorice Njamen known as the queen of fashion is the founder of the brand Clap style.

Due to her love and passion for fashion and her constantly innovative creative mind, she opened a training center in Biyem-Assi Yaounde so she could share her knowledge and passion with like minds.

Dorice Njamen has worked with celebrities such as Charlotte Dipanda, Coco Argente, Lady Ponce….and others

Some clapstyle stunning designs.

5. SOH Cameroon

Patrick Soh founder of SOH Cameroon.

SOH Cameroon was founded by Patrik Soh in 2010.

The brand SOH Cameroon is a mixture of modernity and traditional fabric from Ndo and Toghu.

Celebrities such as Tenor, Minks, Stanley Enow…and others are very fun of this style and brand and it is seen in their video clips.

SOH Cameroon male designs.

4. System Tchakap

Former Cameroonian football player Alexander Song.

Former Cameroonian football player Alexander Song is the founder of the brand system tchakap.

This is a streetwear clothing line in an urban-chic style. It includes t-shirts, trousers, caps.

This brand has been worn by celebrities such as Messi, Neymar, Fally Ipupa… and others.

Neymar and Messi putting on the brand System Tchakap.
Fally Ipupa putting on a grey grained system Tchakap cap.

3. French kind

Frenchkind co-founder Rostou and Drake.

Co-founded by Rostou, this brand has made a lot of buzz both nationally and internationally.

This brand has been worn by celebrities such as Whiz Kalifa, Bug Sean, La Fouine, Tyga, Jcole…and others.

In Douala, its shop is located in Bonapriso, Douala.

An example of the french kind collection.

2. I AM 237

Mr. Arnaud founder of I AM 237.

Fashion designer Mr. Arnaud de Wecapounet is the CEO of this brand. He launched the brand I AM 237 on July 2015.

His style is a mixture of tradition and streetwear.

I AM 237 style include t-shirts, caps, bags, bombers, espadrilles, ready to wear men and women outfits.

Mimie and Marcelle_ Kuetche styled by I AM 237.

1. Imane Ayissi

Imane Ayissi

Named as his brand, Imane Ayissi founded his own label in 2004. He is the first black designer to have his designs shown on the Paris haute couture catwalk.

His style is quite sharp, very defined, and soft, We find Africa traits without using African bling he says.

Imane Ayissi collection.


All these brands listed above have e-stores and they ship in and out of Cameroon as well as do deliveries. So, you can visit their FB accounts for more information and also view all their articles and services.

So for any events including weddings, birthday parties, red carpet, video clips, conferences, ..and so on, you can count on them to make you look your absolute best.

Let’s value our roots, let’s value our culture. If the oxidants can appreciate our creations then what more about you and I. Stay rooted✊🏻.


Thanks for reading, liking, sharing, and commenting. Wishing you a wonderful day


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