Tilla Raises Over 300,000 FCFA And Other Non-Financial Pledges After Making A Public Appeal For Fans To Help Her Record A Song

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Cameroonian Rapper Tilla Tafari has so far raised over 300,000 FCFA and other non-financial pledges barely 24 hours after she made a public appeal requesting her true believers to help her record a song and shoot the video. Tilla Raises Over 300,000 FCFA And Other Non-Financial Pledges After Making A Public Appeal For Fans To Help Her Record A Song

On Thursday, January 21, 2020, a few days to her 30th birthday, the rapper took to her Facebook page and requested a special birthday gift from her true fans, which is helping her to record and shoot the video of a song and if the song is not a hit, then, she will resign from music.

She wrote:

I’ll be turning 30 on January 26th and this is what I want for my birthday: If at all I have any true believers, y’all should pay for me to record one song and shoot the video. If it isn’t a hit then I’m going to retire as a musician. Here’s my momo number. MTN: 683118480 ORANGE: 693690602. THE CLOCK IS TICKING…”

As expected, Tilla post attracted quite some backlash from fans. Some said she was begging for money while others said instead of her doing giveaways like some of her fellow female celebrities, she is rather asking fans to give her. Some even when as far as saying she should just go ahead and resign if she is tired.

Those comments must have been very cruel and unpleasant for Tilla but like it is said, in every cloud, there is a silver lining. And this case is no exception as some true believers of the rapper have decided to support her achieve her dream.

Cameroonian UK based popular Motivational Speaker, Sex Therapist, and Social Media Influencer, Newuh Chris AKA Mama Atalaku of The Mama Atalaku Show has asked Tilla to forward her Account details to her for a cash gift of 100,000 FCFA.

Mama Atalaku

Another Motivational Speaker, Roy Mamah of the Roy Show has also pledged to give Tilla 100,000 FCFA.

Another pledge of 100,000 FCFA has also come from the CEO of Kelly Peace Cosmetics. That is a total of 300,000 FCFA.

And there is more, Social Media Personality, Fon Othans has also pledged to support Tilla with 100 aed, which is approximately 14,670 FCFA.

And Cameroonian singer, Music Producer, and owner of Akwandor record label, Blaise B, and promised to assist in the production of two songs are no cost.




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