Tilla Goes naked on the cover art for her new single.

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The viral cover art of Tilla’s new music “Retrouveé” premiered to drop tomorrow stir critics. Tilla Goes naked on the cover art for her new single.

The nursing mother of One who has been on the lips of so many has shocked fans with a portrait cover art where she goes completely naked from head to feet. See the cover art below.

The “fire burn” crooner has received diverse views from his fans. While some attacked her for being a disgrace to her son, for searching all cracks to blow, others have welcome and appreciated her arts by sharing for people to anticipate the track. One of those sharers being Nora Brown. The sickle cell goodness Tilla used her condition to attack the entire sickle cell community. See screenshot below

The screenshot above shows the feud between these two great women has been settled after Tilla wrote an apology to her and also went live to appeal to her fans for forgiveness .what she didn’t mention was the reason behind the shots blasted at Jovi.

Nora Brown’s post came as a surprise because Nora Brown rejected Tilla’s Apology but her single act today has illuminated the faces of many who prayed for reigning peace.

Tilla has been cooking some delicious stuff as she has been pictured with great producers like Blaise B aka Akwandor. Pics have sufficed online of her rebranding. A week back she dropped a Trevor acoustic version of “fire burn” which didn’t satisfy the hit tasty fans. The solo artist has proven to give up.

It is worth noting Tilla outing on Twitter hasn’t been friendly. This is because the rapper still holds his former boss at heart after she parted ways with Newbell music. She twitted against Jovi which made her lose fans. Some went as far as to tell her she will never blow. Do you think Tilla going bare on her cover art is to break these curses?

Also, Tilla was “go fund” on her last birthday in exchange for a hit, since she has been absent on the hit songs list for a very long time. Do you think Tilla will live up to expectations? Is she living up to fans’ desires with her mind-blowing cover art? Drop your thoughts in the comment section. Please don’t forget to subscribe to our website.




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