“There is a different kind of attention given to singers based in the diaspora, Which is not good.” Adele Clarice

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K.P: Hello Adele welcome to your interview session with kampii Productions it’s a pleasure having you here today

Adele Clarice: Thank you so much for hosting me on this prestigious platform of yours. I am honoured.

K.P: So first off tell the fans who know nothing about Adele a little about yourself.
Adele Clarice: I am Adele Clarice, U.S based Cameroonian vocalist, singer and songwriter. I was part of the group “Baam ” which won the Nescafe African Revelations in 2008 and toured the entire West Africa. I am equally a humanitarian.

K.P: You are a Cameroonian who does music overseas… How much of a challenge is it for you to connect with your fans??

Adele Clarice: Believe me when I say it is very challenging. There is this different kind of attention given to people based in the diaspora, or should I say to people who are diasporian singers? Which is not good. In as much you can’t change the mentality of some people, I believe my fans are always there to support me to the fullest, because distance is never a barrier for true lovers of good music.

K.P: You obviously love what you do so tell us, When did you fall in love with music… And how did it happen??

Adele Clarice: I fell in love with music when I was 5 years old. My mum n dad will always take me to church choir practice and my sister will take me to her own choir practice too at the University of Buea. My family formed a group ” The “Undah Singers” and we released a single on cassette at that time. Lol. I equally made my first public appearance by singing in a church choir when I was 6. Everything music has always revolved around me. I guess that’s why we are inseparably.
K.P: You have a total of 3-4 Tracks on your YouTube channel… But still no break through what do you think might be causing this??

Adele Clarice:Well, that depends on what you mean by breakthrough, because in my own opinion, I am somewhere interesting in my music. Everything including music is a process. You can’t just expect to do music without following a path. I am on that path. My team and I are taking on step at a time and trust me, we are on the right track.

K.P: We hear struggles of artists based in Cameroon all the time. What is the struggle like for a woman doing music in the U.S??

Adele Clarice: I don’t really face any problem as a woman doing music in the States, I think I have successfully penetrated into certain parts of the music industry here in the U.S. That’s why most of my fans are based in the states too.

K.P: Your latest single bad boy was produced by Sangtum which means in some way you promote Cameroon producers. Who would you say will be your top 5 producers in Cameroon?

Adele Clarice: Every producer in the entertainment industry in Cameroon is doing a remarkable job. I don’t have and specific ones, but people like Emile Ngomba who is my Godfather in music will always come at the top of my list, also Salatiel, Phillbeats, Sangtum.. etc….

K.P: Your track Bad Boy is a story on it’s own. What inspired your track bad boy??

Adele Clarice: First of all, What inspired “Bad boy” was the instrumentals. I fell in love with the instrumentals, which was sent by a friend in Nigeria.

K.P: Cameroon has some very good MC’s, If you were to feature just 1 Cameroonian rapper in your song which would it be and why??
Adele Clarice: The MbokoGod Jovi because he is amazing. Also with MD Lyonga based in Canada.
K.P: We noticed you sing in English and French which means you target the Cameroonian market too… So was French a language you had to learn just for the business or were u always bilingual??

Adele Clarice: I was born in Bafoussam, and I am totally bilingual. Cameroon is a bilingual country yes, but my target is not just the Cameroon audience, but all of Africa and the world. French and English is not just meant for Cameroon.

K.P: It was an honor having you on our platform… We hope to have u on again soon…

Adele Clarice: I am already looking forward to the next interview, I went through your page and I must confess you are one of the entertainment blogs doing a great job. Keep doing your thing and thanks for having me.

Go listen to Bad Boy by Adele Clarice…

Click Here To watch Bad Boy


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