“There Are No Political Undertones In My Artistic Works” Boyses And Girlses Crooner, Kobo Speaks

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Cameroonian singer and author of one of the most trending songs at the moment in the country has recently taken to social media to issue a disclaimer and clear the air on the relationship between his music and politics. “There Are No Political Undertones In My Artistic Works” Boyses And Girlses Crooner, Kobo Speaks

About a week back, Kobo released  a hit song titled “Boyses and Girlses.” It was inspired by some laugh-provoking comments and statements made by some Cameroonian popular administrative and political figures. They have become major trends on social media and Kobo creatively came up with an amazing piece, which has itself become a major trending hit as well.

Watch Kobo – Boyses, and Girlses:

However, many may have misinterpreted Kobo’s song as a means of expressing his political views. And that is why he has decided to issue a disclaimer and clear the air.

“I hereby distance myself from politics or anything related to politics. I’m a musician, comedian, and actor. Nothing from my artwork is linked to politics. Take my things as they are. There are no political undertones in my artistic work and it must not be judged out of its entertainment intent,” Kobo writes.

Kobo has also told politicians to stop contacting him to propose political ideas or ask why his song was done in a particular way and not the other way.


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