Cameroonian Rapper Mic Monsta AKA Njorku, has taken to social media to reveal the sad realities of the music industry in Cameroon.

According to Mic Monsta, it’s not as a glamorous as it seems and he wished he knew this before getting into music.

This is coming just a few months after another Rapper, ASKIA, revealed she has not made any money from music, for 13 years.

Here is Mic Monsta’s full write:

“”I wish I knew all this before getting into the music ”

The music industry is not all glamour.
you admire the beautiful lifestyle in videos and think you want to be like the artist but the location, cars, outfits and even girls you see on music clips are mostly rented.

After all the hype the artist has to fall back into his everyday reality with struggles like a normal person.
But now the are high expectations from the artist cuz everyone sees the video lifestyle and expects it to match your real life.
This is the first step into depression.

Fashion critics and bloggers expect to see swag and big drip.
Fans are expecting new music when you’re yet to figure out how to make money from the last video u just did.
Your family / friends are expecting support cuz ur now a star they see on TV.
u can’t take bikes like a normal person so transport becomes even more expensive.
Mind u everyone can get paid for a project and the artist is the last to eat.

Most times Producer gets paid before the music leaves the studio
Video director gets paid cuz sometimes he has to hire equipments
Vixens gets paid and sometimes even locations.
You still have to transport video extras and feed everyone on set.
The artist starts eating after the song blows up which can take years sometimes.

This is the reality of the music industry.
Now before you start, do u have a means to sustain yourself before the music blow up?
Do you have an investor that will put in all this millions and not make you feel like you owe them your life.?
Do you have the patience to build the right team and move at your own terms ?

Ask questions about this whole thing before you get into it.
Artist only post pictures of beautiful moments on social media. Most artist can’t even speak up cuz they’re scared to get laughed at, same time what u say can effect your brand.

Its still an even bigger battle after the success comes.
Very few even get to succeed with the music, most people hide behind illegal activities and cover up with the music image.
How do you protect your mental health in all this.
Respect the few that get to make it with their soul intact.

Good luck to every artist out there. We all need a lil bit of it.”


By Nkafu

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