The Ko-C VS Stanley Enow Brouhaha: All You Need To Know

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Yesterday February 8, 2021, the Cameroonian entertainment industry was taken aback when Cameroonian fastest rapper Ko-C in a live video on Facebook,  slammed fellow rapper, Stanley Enow, calling him dull and stupid. Well, at least that is what they thought he did. The Ko-C VS Stanley Enow Brouhaha: All You Need To Know

Ko-C, Cameroonian rapper

According to Ko-C, he recently watched a video of Stanley Enow and Nigerian Superstar, Davido, and in the video, Davido said he knew only Stanley Enow and legendary footballer, Samuel Eto’o from Cameroon and all the person sitting next to him could do was to sit and laugh and do nothing. According to Ko-C, that was very stupid. To him, the person next to Davido should have debunked what Davido said and introduce other Cameroonian artists.

However, some Cameroonian music fans have also slammed Ko-C, calling him a hypocrite. A year ago, Nigerian singer Victor AD said he knew only Ko-C from Cameroon and all Ko-C did was to laugh so loud. They have questioned why he didn’t refute Victor AD’s comments and introduce other Cameroonian artists to him. According to these fans, Ko-C is also guilty of the exact same thing he is accusing his fellow rapper of.

Stanley Enow, Cameroonian Artist

In a recent video, Ko-C has said he was not referring to Stanley Enow in his earlier video. According to him, he only saw the video of Davido saying he knows only two persons in Cameroon two days ago. He was so pissed and that is why yesterday, he said the person who was doing the video was stupidly laughing, instead of correcting Davido and listing some Cameroonian renowned stars like Richard Bona (first Cameroonian to win a GRAMMY), Sharlotte Dipanda, Mr.  Leo, Salatiel, Blanche Bailly and others. He added that he didn’t at any point mention anyone’s name and didn’t even know that Stanley was seated with Davido.

Regarding the Victor AD situation, Ko-C said back in 2020, he went live on Instagram with Victor AD and the fans asked him who else he knew in Cameroon, apart from Ko-C. Before that, a music promoter had invited Victor to Tiko, South West region of Cameroon and Ko-C went to pick him at the airport since Victor is his friend. At the airport, he asked Victor how many artists he knew from Cameroon. He mentioned Mr. Leo, Blanche Bailly, and another artist.

However, during their live video, when fans asked Victor which other artists he knew from Cameroon apart from Ko-C, he said he knew no other artist from Cameroon. He laughed and told him “Boo, you don die.” “I’m telling him you don die as in you don die for talk say you no know any other Cameroonian artist and he apologized on that video and said boo, sorry ooo, sorry to my Cameroonian fans.” Ko-C added and even went on to play an excerpt of the video in which Victor is heard saying he knows no other Cameroonian artist and apologizing later.

According to Ko-C, he didn’t take pride in hearing Victor say he knew only him from Cameroon because it is an insult to him and Cameroon and he has no problem with Stanley.


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