Kampii Productions: Good afternoon Brenda looking pretty.


Brenda Kimbi: Aww thank you that’s sweet.


Kampii Productions: Welcome to our session of six questions with a celeb.


Brenda Kimbi: Well the pleasure is all mine.


Kampii Productions: Tell those who don’t know or who haven’t had a chance to meet Brenda Kimbi who Brenda Kimbi is all about.


Brenda Kimbi: Brenda Kimbi is a civic leader, personal development coach, writer, HR, public speaker (motivational speaker), MC etc. Who is all about raising a certain level of consciousness, uplifting humanity, making individuals live their true potential and definitely making the world a better place through the art of speech.


Kampii Productions: Okay without further ado, I’ll just go to our first question of the day which is for you to name someone who has or had a tremendous impact on you as a motivational speaker.


Brenda Kimbi: Good one, that will be Oprah Winfrey, she has lots of impact on my personal life and on who I want to become as a communicator with a message of love, peace, and hope. She inspires and has kept on inspiring from a very tender age to live my best and reach out to the world through the lenses of love.


Kampii Productions: So tell us, What do you love about being a public speaker?


Brenda Kimbi: What I love about being a public speaker is the fact that you don’t just communicate to the ears but it goes beyond the mind, the heart, the soul and most importantly the society out large. It gladdens my soul to know that if you can touch someone’s mind you can change their destiny.


Kampii Productions: Being Brenda Kimbi is not easy I guess from dropping videos every now and then to speaking publicly. So here’s what we will like to know, where does your inspiration come from?


Brenda Kimbi: Brenda Kimbi’s inspiration comes from the fact that I love the human race, humanity is my family and it pains me to accept the reality that Humanity is vanishing.


Kampii Productions: What do you think can be considered the biggest challenge youths face nowadays?


Brenda Kimbi: The greatest challenge youths face is taking 100% responsibility for their lives, youths of our generation are entrapped into a culture of complaining and blame, trying to hold everyone accountable for their laziness, lack of creativity, misfortune except themselves.
Kampii Productions: In what ways does the relationship between speaker and audience sustain you?


Brenda Kimbi: it sustains me in so many ways, to start with, just knowing that I have I have lots of followers who wake up every day to the hope of me illuminates my being, knowing that I put a smile on so many people’s faces gives me a reason to outperform. The other advantages are just a bonus.


Kampii Productions: What do you want or expect your audience to do differently as a result of having heard your past presentations?


Brenda Kimbi: Knowledge is power. So true but knowledge isn’t enough. The application, implementation, and manifestation of the abundance of what you learn are what is essential. I want them to live beyond their minds, take action and live a fulfilled life.


Kampii Productions: That’s all for this session guys and it has been amazing having the one and only Brenda Kimbi here with us, thanks for reading and stay tuned for more amazing interviews.

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