The difference between a “Great” and a “Good” Artiste.

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The difference between a “Great” and a “Good” Artiste.

I’ll like to say these are a few points we took into consideration, so feel free to add not subtract in the comments below

Work put out.

Yes you are an artiste and have put out a couple of singles but what is one of the points that can make yo to be labeled great??
How much work have you put out?? how many albums or E.P have you dropped?? Jovi is a perfect example here.
Being great can be determined by the amount of time you have you have spent behind the
mic and your music standing the test of time that is why Jovi’s HIV and krotals vert rouge jaune will always be considered the greatest rap albums Cameroon has ever had.

Longevity + Impact.

When we talk of impact we mean influence. a great artist should be able to influence the culture and its people. for example BOB Marley, Tu Pac.
We all know how competitive the music industry is, if you do not stay consistent you will fade away.
This point of longevity doesn’t really matter if you as an artiste can’t keep being relevant. in order to be labeled great you need to stay consistent through out.
You need to be able to adapt, invent, reinvent your art as time goes by.

Commercial success.

When we talk of commercial success we do not mean signing deals with companies or individual investments.
True you sing/ rap but what do the stats say??
are you selling records?? are you topping charts?? If you cant sell records it means you are not being heard to the level of being labeled great. All great artists always had their pockets full at a certain period.

Story Telling.

What is music without a good story?? even classical music tells stories without words.
to be labeled great you need to be good at story telling at story telling. it is through this that people easily relate with your music.

Song writing / Originality.

Good song writing skills is what separates the good from the great.
Artiste who receive accolades for their lyrics are always considered special and will always be given much more respect over those who use song writers.

Being original is a characteristic most of the greats have. Just having your own style, flow or sound is what will make people remember you even after decades. “Remember ….. , He started this or that so these people could Follow.

How comfortable does the artist sound over a variety of sounds and production styles. the comfort proves a mastery of necessary skills.

Awards and your amount of collaborations are not factors we think can be put in place when one is wanting to consider an artist great.
why?? because time has proven that most greats were never really given any awards but were still considered as GOAT e.g Bob Marley never won a Grammy and it doesn’t mean Koffee is better than he is.
awards do matter in an artists career for it creates brand awareness and might attract investors and sponsorship deals.

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