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The origin of all thoughts and things has been a topic of discussion between two schools of thoughts over the ages; RELIGION and SCIENCE. Religion base its argument that all things were created by a single superior being, that none greater can be imagined, scientist believe that all things were created by the Big Bang.



According to the Big Bang, about 13.7 billion years ago all the matter in the Universe was concentrated into a single incredibly tiny point. This began to enlarge rapidly in a hot explosion, and it is still expanding today. This argument is vague to an extent, where other questions like :

  • What if these matters from the Big Bang Theory differed slightly from what they were? Could there not be a Big Bang?. Was the Big Bang or the perfect alignment of these matters a coincidence?
  • How can we then explain our consciences and the ability to differentiate between good and evil?
  • what about man’s emotions( Love, Pain, Fear, Anger, Lust, Happiness-satisfaction e.t.c). Are they from the Big Bang too?.

On the other hand, Religion states that a superior being known as God created all things.They back this up with a book known as the Bible in which there’s a vivid description of the creation of all things for 6dys by God.But where did God come from?. Religion claims he came from nothingness, and they back this up by saying the origin of God is a mystery.


  1. Science has proven that all molecules in the world have an encoded information designed in them, thus, a design must have a designer.
  2. Mathematicians have also calculated the fact that the universe could have never been created by chance from unintelligent processes. Therefore there must be a brain behind all this.
  3. The universe is guided by natural laws, {e.g revolution of the earth on its axis}.A transcendent lawgiver must exist.
  4. People of all race, gender, size and shapes have claimed to have an encounter with a supernatural being. Some claim to have acquired healing, wisdom, peace e.t.c. What is there to say about these accounts.
  5. E.T.C

IF YOU ARE STILL CURIOUS, CHECK OUT THE WORDS OF THE WORLD’S HOLY BOOKS. If God does exist, then he must have revealed himself. If he has, then he surely exist…


Feel free to as questions on related topics, and non-related.


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Don't be fooled & cajoled by the pleasantries of flourishing cultures to the very neglect of yours. Your origin is your identity, it's your root, it is your cradle.No matter…

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