Cameroonian Blogger and media Personality, Qualar Falle New AKA 237 Palava, has taken to social media to reveal the reasons for the fallout between him and Influencer, Delly Singah.

Qualar Falle
Delly Singah

According to Qualar, all he did was to ask Delly, who was a friend at the time, why she had copied a post from Bella Powers without giving her credit and Delly blocked her on all platforms. He reveals that Delly further rained his endorsement deal with the ICT University.

Here is his full post:

“Delly and I were friends infact from the few details I have posted you can see for yourself . One Faithfully day Bella Powers brought a complaint to me that Delly copied her post without giving her credits , truth is that year I barely knew Bella Powers but I was friend with Delly instead and again I was advocating against copyright infringement and so I approach Delly to give Bella Powers credit instead she tried justifying herself by making another post to disclaim and immediately blocked me everywhere .

Fast forward, when ICT university brought me in she removed me from ICT whatsapp group and called the school authorities that I should delete all posts which I have made about the institution.

Merde I have never been pressured in my life like that day , posts that were doing very well I deleted them and resign from the school. The owner called me and told me to continue work. Few weeks later I resume work , Calvino Wallang started fighting me on the media that I am talented from bottom and the even extended it to whatsapp where I was sidelined from an orange Cameroon deal during the mount Cameroon race of hope , during this period Mr Wallang had her on his dp , common sense triggered me that this guy that has never met me, infact someone whom I celebrated his marriage with my sarcasm that brought alot of fun etc . Yes he is just one of the few people that have been made to hate me for nothing . Fast forward congratulations cy for your brand ambassador deal

But Delly I have not forgiving you I am not a hypocrite like others I am dropping this matter because many people that care about me have asked me to . It’s very difficult for me to drop it sef because I am type that you can’t hurt and go free better a die me sef .

Bye bye to single people their case no body should send me any info or whatsoever about her again

May God forgive me”

Qualar Falle equally shared a voice note of Delly Singah planning for her visit to Cameroon. His intentions was to reveal that the fans who came to welcome Delly at the airport were organized and it was not a surprise. In the voice note, Delly tells someone to get two security officers for her, as she was expecting about 30 persons to come welcome her.


By Nkafu

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