Inside Thee 808 Nation. Everything you need to know about the group.

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Thee 808 Nation is a Buea-based Creative Company that harnesses and breeds energy to talent. It was created in 2015 by Music Producer & Artist SANGO EDI aka “Dre Boii” & BINE MOUKOURI as co-founder.

Thee 808 Nation was born with the aim of creating a creative hub for talent and creative house where music can be exported from Cameroon, Africa & worldwide.

Thee 808 Nation currently is home to many of Cameroonian Music makers but the few we could get are ;

Sango Edi (Producer/Singer/Songwriter/ Sound Engineer)

Zashy (Singer/Songwriter)

Payne (Producer/Singer/Songwriter/Sound Engineer)

Cadex (Producer/Sound Engineer)

Egbe (Producer/Singer/Songwriter/Vocalist/Instrumentalist/Sound Engineer)

Lex Merton (Rapper/Lyricist)

Dready Christ (Singer/Songwriter/Rapper)

Bine Moukouri (Art Director/Producer )

Meggy (Rapper/ Singer /Song Writer)

It should be noted that Thee 808 Nation is not a label but a group of Entertainers working in other to redefine Cameroonian music and every individual is related through a common reason.

“Click here” To watch Jolie

Thee808nation presents their first Video Starring Pelagie Ashu.

Produced by Sango Edi & PCP Bonebeats.Mixed & mastered by D Mix for MegaMusic Inc.

Directed by L. Telesphore for The Mwaka Studios.

“Click here” To watch Jolie


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