“That’s all I ever wanted for this country” Jovi explains his plans for Cameroon.

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Hello guys, there is not much to say today but the “MbokogodJovi took to his tweeter account as usual to pass on some information.

He did lots of tweets but the one who caught our attention was when he released some info on the plan he has for his fatherland Cameroon and even used American legend beat maker Dr.Dre as an Example.

See screenshots below…

We think what Jovi is trying to say all together is that he had and has bigger plans for Cameroon. The Rapper went on to say “People who do not know how it works on the global scale mess it up“.

Take note that when he says “people” he mentions no names and he never said “One Person“. So this means Jovi believes there is a group of “People” out here ruining his plans…

What do you have to say about this??

Drop your thoughts by hitting the comment icon above….

Jovi’s fourth Album “God don kam” still available on bandcamp


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