Tenor tried to escape from the hospital: Journalist Paul chouta reveals

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Tenor tried to escape from the hospital: Journalist Paul chouta reveals

Tenor’s case with the deceased Erika who died as a result of the accident that left the rapper hospitalized,won’t be stopping anytime soon.

New developments keep surfacing every day. Renowned journalist Paul Chouta who was recently released from Newbell prison has callout Tenor for trying to escape from the hospital with help of a Doctor.

Though this has raised many questions about why Tenor will be running away. Paul has stood his ground the Cameroonian rapper is up to something and he is willing to go live and expatriate on his claims.


The parents of Late Erika are on Tenor’s neck to dowry their daughter since he is the cause of her death. Erika’s father is ready to take Tenor to court. Is this why Tenor is about to elope?

The manager of Tenor had earlier published a communique to narrate the ordeal but faced lashes when he said “Erika was a fan and Tenor was seeing her off”. After this criticism, this communique was deleted which further raised eyebrows.

Amidst all the stories rounding this incident, Tenor in his recovery bed had the following to say…

Cameroonian rapper Tenor recounts what caused his accident.

” My vehicle was sabotaged while it was parked.

Some accidents happen to public figures that are sometimes inexplicable. We were invited to spend an evening with friends. Things went well between the young people.

During my return, my car gave me a big bunny. I started it, while driving, I noticed that the speed only increased the brakes were unresponsive. I stopped the engine until then, however, there has been a load shedding at the Bessengue intersection.

My vehicle almost failed for the first time under a large oil truck. The Lord has spared us the worst.

Finally, it’s my steering wheel that hangs and I no longer had control over anything. The vehicle ran on the Bessengue stele, hence the drama of young Ericka and my deep coma.

Thanks to the Cameroonians who managed to save me from death. My present life is yours. I will sing only the praises of glory to the Lord my God.”

If Tenor has recount all this why will he plan to escape? Stay glued as we follow this news.

Tenor tried to escape from the hospital: Journalist Paul chouta reveals


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