There has been a clash between Camerooian Comedians CARO (Mbeng Lilian) and BOBOLOH UNIVERSAL.
It all started when Boboloh took to Facebook to announced that Caro just followed her and expressed how grateful she was after Caro followed her.

Apparently, many fans were surprised that Caro is just following Boboloh now, considering they are both Comedians and have acted in same projects. According to them, they didn’t understand why Caro has not followed her all this while.

To others however, they wondered why Boboloh announced that Caro just followed her. To them, that was a clear attempt by Boboloh to invite fans to attack and ridicule Caro.

Moments later, Copees who is the screen husband of Caro inboxed Boboloh and told her to keep Caro’s name off her page, adding that her antics won’t work, and Caro is not her friend and they are not friends behind the scene.

Boboloh brought the issue to social media, posting Copees screenshot while wondering what she did wrong.

Caro also responded under Boboloh’s post. According to her, she has been following Boboloh through their main page Caro and Copees and her other page, Caro, is just an addition. According to Caro, she has quietly watched Boboloh try to ridicule and instigate hate against her and she is not obliged to follow Boboloh and they are not friends.

Fellow Comedians Auntie Felicia and Dorcas haveg equally told Boboloh to stop all her theatrics and stop playing the victim. They wonder why Boboloh keeps liking negative comments and sharing posts about the issue, yet keep saying people should stop posting about it.


By Nkafu

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