“Stop Hiding Your Use Of JuJu, White People Are Doing It Openly” Dencia Tells Africans

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Popular Cameroonian-born US-based singer, Reprodencia Sonkey, known professionally as Dencia recently took to social media to share her views on the use of “juju” or black magic by Africans viz a viz Caucasians or whites. “Stop Hiding Your Use Of JuJu, White People Are Doing It Openly” Dencia Tells Africans

According to the controversial singer who is also a cream whitening expert, fashion designer and entrepreneur, she doesn’t understand why people in Africa hide their use of juju whereas whites do it so openly.



She wrote:

“People in LA practice juju like full time. It’s so weird & urs openly not how y’all hide it in Africa. Here the Caucasians & black folks literally call their juju people Susan & I be like… I mean it’s off the fucken chain

Don’t get me started with zodiac signs & energy I’m typing this & laughing so hard. They make animal sacrifices & all types of shit bruh watch love & hip hop, keeping up with the kardashians 4 a sample view of these practices. “Stop Hiding Your Use Of JuJu, White People Are Doing It Openly” Dencia Tells Africans

Africans stop hiding ur use of juju. U go to nail shop juju in front, restaurant juju, literally crazy. Africans don’t be ashamed.

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Here are some reactions from some social media users on the topic:

Rubi Vargas says: Yes the whites do it openly as they do not use it to harm and pull down their loved ones like Afroicans. They use it to invent and better their community and country. We Africans do quite the opposite.

Johnson James says:  It is called natural science. Our own na juju or African science. It’s deadly o.

Onyi Eunan says: Dencia use your juju, I and my family will serve the living God openly and will not stop talking about him openly.

Rabiat Badmus says: They are already coming out gradually or what do you think Kayamata is?


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