Top Cameroonian Actress, Stephanie Tum, has taken to social media, to reveal that she has recently received d#eath and r#ape threats, from a fake account, championed by a Cameroonian media personality who has been trolling and attac#king her on social media for a year.

Though Stephanie Tum did not mention the name of this individual, she said everyone reading this would know the individual she is talking about and adds that if anything happens to her, this individual would be held responsible.

Here is her full writeup:

“For the past 1 year plus, I have been receiving insults/threats on my life via messenger by fake accounts, I have been trolled, insulted and attacked on this platform by an individual you all know who has managed to tell a one sided story full of lies and convinced himself and fanatic followers to be the gospel truth. All this as a bait to trigger me to an online clash and to chase clout which will only benefit his personal motives.
In all this I have kept my cool and remained silent not because I am scared of anyone but because I will NEVER bring myself down to engage in a back and forth with him. Without an air of arrogance It is clearly beneath me.
Let this be very clear I am not scared of anyone. I AM SOLID!!!
I only gave it time in order to gather more evidence.

Lately the threats from these fake accounts via messenger have been about r#p#ng me and k#illing me, reasons why I am bringing this to the public.
My lawyer and I have filed a report with the police and submitted every evidence of his cyber b#llying, attacks, trolling, derogatory insults and the threats on my life from these fakes accounts via messenger.
I will NEVER retaliate on social media, I will follow the right course of action.
Until something drastic happens then maybe you all will understand the magnitude of his actions.
Before being an entertainer I am a Single Mother First and a survivor of r#pe. This is the last straw for me!!!

Like I said before , I will NEVER fall for your cheap baits anymore. That is all I can say for now as investigation is ongoing.

Thank you to everyone who has been a source of support and who has stood against this incessant cyber b#llying.

Have a good day everyone.


By Nkafu

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