Fans of Cameroonian rap star, Stanley Enow have taken to the streets of Douala, to protest after the rapper failed to fulfill a promise he made to them two years ago.

With the use of placards, the fans are demanding the “African Gentle Man EP” Stanley Enow promised them and they equally want back to back releases from him.

Some of the messages on the placard read;

” Stanley Enow, where is the African Gentle Man EP you promised?”
“Stanley Enow, we want the African Gentle Man EP now!!!”
“Stanley Enow, we want back to back release!!!”
“Stanley Enow we are ready for #TakeOva”

Stanley Enow is definitely a top player in the music industry in Cameroon. As an “A” list star, he definitely has lots of fans rooting for him. His fans call themselves “Kingkong gang”.

He has definitely given them quite a lot of entertainment with his music over the years, but apparently, they think their King has been silent for a while. They want him to “take ova.” By doing that, they expect him to start by dropping an EP they have been waiting from him for quite too long.

We hope Stanley will address his fans and perhaps grant their wishes.


By Nkafu

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