Stanley Enow Fires Back At Fans Criticizing His New Song With Petit Pays “Oh Yeah”

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Cameroonian rapper Stanley Enow has in several tweets this Monday fired back at fans criticizing his most recently released song “Oh Yeah.” Stanley Enow Fires Back At Fans Criticizing His New Song With Petit Pays “Yeah”

The “Oh Yeah” track which was released on March 19, 2021, features Cameroonian legendary makossa icon, Petit Pays.

Fans, in general, were thrilled to see these two music icons come together in a single song. However, a few other fans who didn’t find the song interesting and appealing enough decided to take to social media to negatively criticize Stanley and his song.

Well, Stanley hasn’t taken their negative criticisms lying down as he has decided to pay them back in their own coins.

“Please can someone tell Stanley Enow to stop music? Or take a pause? Travel or smoke weed for inspiration? This music is horrendous” a Twitter user writes.

“Ain’t no stopping! Your ears will suffer,” Stanley fires back.

Another fan went on to say Stanley copied the Jerusalema song by South African singer Master KG, saying he should be glad KG hasn’t asked youtube to scrap the song.

“But of course with a confused career like yours, you have no idea about publishing in music. Be glad KG with the global success of Jerusalema doesn’t have youtube scrap this u mumble no words lyrics mess. But hey!! Keep doing u perica. Good luck u need all the luck you can get,” he wrote.

Stanley in response told the fan to shut up, adding that his song came out before Jerusalema so he can’t say he copied the song.

“You shut the F up! Song came out before that song. Say I’m a visionary. OhYeah is a mad vibe,” Stanley fires back.

Another fan added that perhaps Stanley should try reggae instead and see if it turns out better. The rap superstar savagely told the fan that he will do just that.

Stream “Oh Yeah” by Stanley Enow and Petit Pays:



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