Shocking Story Behind The Death Of Cameroonian Fashion Star Karen Revealed

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The Cameroonian social media space was taken by shock yesterday Friday, June 4, 2021, when the death of Cameroonian social media fashionista and entrepreneur Karen was announced. Shocking Story Behind The Death Of Cameroonian Fashion Star Karen Revealed.

According to initial reports, Karen was poisoned in her own beauty salon, which she just launched on May 15, 2021. However, it was not clear how it happened but a recent version of the story which appears quite shocking, has been narrated by the taxi driver who took Karen to the hospital before her demise.

On Friday afternoon, Karen visited a restaurant at Carrefour EMIA with her friends for launch. At 1 pm, her friends boarded a taxi and instructed the taxi driver to take her home.

The taxi fare cost 500 FCFA and he was given 10,000 to take out his fare and return the balance. He however said he didn’t have enough to give them as balance. The girls offered him 2000 FCFA and told him to find the balance on their way and give it to Karen.

On their way to Karen’s home, that taximan noticed that she was vomiting and had urinated and defecated on her body. So he immediately rushed her to a hospital at Biyemassi at about 2 PM.

Unfortunately, the symptoms persisted and Karen succumbed to the cold hands of death at around 4:30 PM. According to doctors at the hospital, they suspect she was poisoned and they will proceed with an autopsy in order to confirm. Her family has also reportedly opened investigations to establish the true cause of their daughter’s death.

Shocking Story Behind The Death Of Cameroonian Fashion Star Karen Revealed.



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