SEXUAL PLEASURE (types of paraphilia)

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Paraphilia (a condition characterized by abnormal sexual desires, typically involving extreme or dangerous activities). Not all human bodies are wired the same. This is the reason why not everyone has the same technique to acquire sexual desires. Our bodies

are designed with the built-in capability to attract a sexual partner.

What sets human sexuality apart from animals and plants is to discover how to give and receive pleasure through sexual activities. If we enjoy having sex with others, being of the same sex or different sex, it means we understand our body’s sexual desires to be with another. On the other hand, if we decide to acquire sexual pleasure without a partner, that means you understand and trust yourself enough to receive sexual satisfaction from yourself. They are absurd ways that people love to use to acquire sexual pleasure either from oneself or a partner. Some of them include;

  1. DACRYPHILIA: This is sexual pleasure derived from watching someone cry.
  2. SOMNOPHILIA: Sexual pleasure derived from watching someone sleep.
  3. PODOPHILIA: Paraphilia from foot worship

4. Agalmatophilia: The paraphilia in which a person gets aroused by dolls, statues, and mannequins.

5. Alvinophilia: Specific sexual interest in stomachs or navels.

6. Autagonistophilia: A paraphilia in which a person enjoys exposing oneself in a live show.

7. Autassassinophilia: Deriving sexual pleasure from the risk of getting killed.

8. Dacryphilia: When you’re sexually aroused by tears.

9. Dendrophilia: Sexual attraction to trees.

10. Diaper Fetishism: Sexual desire to wear diapers.

11.Formicophilia: Getting sexually aroused by having insects crawl on your genitals.

12. Forniphilia: The sexual interest of making humans act like furniture for long periods of time.

13. Gerontophilia: The sexual attraction to elderly people.

14. Hematolagnia: The sexual fantasy of pretending to be a vampire.

15. Hypoxyphilia: Asphyxiating someone to get sexually aroused.

16. Kleptolagnia: Being sexually aroused by theft.

17. Mechanophilia: Sexual attraction to machines, bikes, cars, trains, and airplanes.

18. Melolagnia: Sexual arousal from hearing music.

19. Metrophilia: Getting off to poetry.

20. Nasophilia: Sexual attraction to noses.

21. Necrophilia: Sexual attraction to corpses.

22. Oculolinctus: AKA worming, this is the fetish of licking eyeballs.

23. Plushophilia: A fetish involving plush animals.

24. Pyrophilia: Sexual attraction to fire.

25. Salirophilia: A fetish involving ingesting someone’s sweat or saliva.

26. Sexual cannibalism: Eating human flesh to feel sexually aroused.

27. Sophophilia: Deriving sexual pleasure from learning.

28. Symphorophilia: Watching or staging tragic accidents in order to feel horny.


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