Entrepreneurship also applies to the entertainment industry especially for the music industry, from a promoter and blogger point of view I get lots of tracks to do promo for and I realized that most talented artists are not signed so I thought to myself why not start your own label? Avoid coming up with excuses why you should not start your own label, yes you need to work super hard. Do you think someone just woke up one morning and handed Alpha better records to Salatiel or Aftermath to Dr. Dre? They worked super hard for that.

Came up with seven points on why you should start your own record label.
• Freedom
The ability to do what you want should be one of the main and leading purposes behind you wanting to create your own label. Having freedom is a key fact if you think about it because you get to decide what concerts or gigs to play at, you have the freedom of collabo with little or no questioning from anyone.
• Autonomy
Owning and running your own record label allows you to have control of your own destiny. It helps you to avoid the daily grind or rat race and more to that you will end up having a self-sustaining career.


• Opportunity
You becoming an entrepreneur or Boss opens up a whole new world of opportunity for -you and your surroundings.
-You will have the opportunity to do what you want with your music.
‘You will be creating jobs for the people around you.


Becoming a local hero
    You may just be from somewhere that doesn’t have much of a reputation or is not being noticed be it locally or internationally and so you would like to be the person who puts artists and producers from your location on the map.


Spare time
    Owning your own label will give you spare time for being with your friends and family and for doing other stuff. This is possible due to delegation, as you may delegate different tasks among your artists or workers.


Creating a legacy
     If your dream is to create a legacy or to leave a name behind that people will talk about, then the probability that you succeed in achieving that dream under someone else’s label is very low, this is because everywhere you go and everything you will do concerning your musical career his or her name will always appear first.
• Being your own boss
     This is what almost everybody in this world wants, if you are your own boss you can do things your own way without authorization from anyone, you take your own risks, make your own decisions and decide your own faith.


That is all for now people, thanks for reading.


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