Senior Pastor taking Cameroon comedy to higher heights. Charles Inoji and Gordon on their way to Cameroon.

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Hello guys, first off I do not want anyone to think I am downplaying anyone’s hustle by doing this article but this is what is.

Well according to some sources Cameroonian Comic personality Senior Pastor is planning an upcoming comedy show.

Well so far nothing much has been revealed concerning the venue or dates of the event but here is what we know “Laughter Heals Comedy show” with Senior pastor will take place some time in May and will be bringing healing laughter from Cameroon and Nigerian finest Comedians.

The event will have Nigerian Comedy giants like Charles Inoji and Gordon cracking jokes side by side Cameroon Iconic comic figures like Moustik Karismatik, Oboy Da Comic, Spako, Mp3 and lots more…

Im sure the event will be one to remember stay tuned for more info…

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