Seek liberation. Do not imprison yourself.

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Often, people are responsible for how good or bad we feel. True. But sometimes, we are to be held accountable for that. One thing is certain, you are holding on to one negative thing which you are responsible for. There is a skeleton in your cupboard you cannot let our. That is self imprisonment. Making yourself unable to get out of a situation. Few aspects in your life cannot grow because you have so set backs from what you are trying to hide. You go through the torment ever everyday but still can’t just let it out for fear of either being embarrassed, tarnish your reputation, lose friends, and your comfort zone. But obtaining your inner peace, is far more important than all of that. If you can’t hold on to the situation, you have no other choice than to let go of it. Life is a balance between holding on and letting go. You are responsible for your own captivation and liberation.

Forget the past

I know how terrible it feel when you did something wrong and you can not seem to forgive yourself for that. But you can not kill your self for a mistake you made several hours, days, months or even many years ago. Acknowledgement is most important in this case. Acknowledge your mistake and be ready to forget about it.

Embrace Change

Adamance to change is one of the reasons for stagnation. Give yourself another chance. Anyways, everyone deserves another chance, so why not give yourself another opportunity. Welcome new positive things into your life, develop healthy habits, practice self discipline. This may not be very easy for you, but it is necessary.

Don’t be attached

Break the barriers you’ve created for yourself that kept you imprisoned. You are still depressed, stagnant and imprisoned by your thoughts, for fear of either losing someone, material benefits or just your social status. I do not know what you may be going through, but we all have skeletons in our cupboards. My mum always told me “if you love yourself, you will set yourself free. You have the greater responsibility of taking care of yourself.” Growing up I realized the truth in those words. Being attached to something harmful is like a mouse who willing gets into a mouse trap knowing fully well it will get hurt.

Reach out to someone

Do you think you are strong enough to reach out to someone? Are you willing to share your pains? will that ameliorate the situation? If yes, what are you waiting for? Taking a bold step to liberating your self.

If you want to liberate yourself, you have to free yourself from the imprisonment on your own false thought.

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